Early in my career, after I completed my Diploma in Applied Science (Nursing) and my Undergraduate Degree in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), I found myself gravitating toward specialising in children’s needs, and teaching not just the art of developing motor skills and self care abilities, but strengthening bonds between parent and child. 

I used to have parents say to me that they had never seen their child connect with someone in the same way they had with me, and this spurred me to create a practice that embodied the values of connection, compassion, acceptance and joy, and teach parents how they can live the same values in their household.



As owner and Principal Occupational Therapist, and through my extensive career in the healthcare industry prior to managing my own business, I have honed my skill set to deliver much-needed support services for parents of children with special needs. Throughout my career, I have gained credentials in Coaching, Play Therapy and the DIR®/FloortimeTM Model, which has enabled me to develop an individualised and holistic approach in seeing behavioural patterns and emotional signals in parents and children alike.

As a coveted practitioner in this field, I recognise and understand the role that mental health can have on both a parent and their child, and the impact this has on the relationship dynamic. This has paved the way for me to become an Approved Mental Health Provider under the Better Access to Mental Health government initiative, and a provider of services to Self-ManagedNDIS participants. Alongside my role as a Teacher Associate at Monash University, I am developing the skills of the future Occupational Therapy workforce, and continue to further my learnings in the mental health field through my studies and qualifications in The Shanker Self Reg® Method and Compassionate Inquiry.


My personal goal in delivering these vital services is to provide parents with the capacity to recognise that their response to a situation holds a unique opportunity for exploration of their own needs, hopes and fears.  When this happens they are more able to be present in any moment with their child, and to create a space where the relationship brings comfort, acceptance, and a sense of security.

In a safe and inclusive environment, I create opportunities for shared experiences and exploration of the parent / child relationship in a meaningful and visible manner. Through my workshops and educational resources, it is my dream to create an accessible service that elicits change and brings about long-lasting emotional and mental growth for parents of children with special needs right across Australia and beyond.