With a focus on supporting parents of children aged from infancy through to pre-teen with special needs, I deliver consultation services that guide parents in developing a sense of self to allow them to recognise the emotional and mental place their child is in, so they can respond in a compassionate and understanding manner in any given situation.

Free Resources

I offer several free resources to support parents who would like access to materials on specific topic areas including:

Download your FREE copy of Parent Discovery Exercise


For parents looking for additional, in-depth support, my digital workshop series runs for four weeks and will provide you with genuine insight into the behavioural patterns and personal experiences that govern your reactions and emotions as a parent of a child with special needs. 

By identifying these areas, you will be able to reconsider and reframe your approach to your parenting practices and strengthen the connection you have with your child.


Some participants may wish to book a personalised consultation in order to understand their child’s unique profile further and/or to inquire more deeply into how they can integrate principles presented in the workshops.
Enquiries regarding this service are welcome following completion of the workshop series.